New Work Clothes

While I had not planned on it, I had a good friend of mine stop by on my birthday and he dropped off a present.  Mike and I have been friends since we were in high school and we usually make time to get together on each others birthdays, and I had almost forgot that it was going to happen this year.  I’ve been so busy with my new job that I had not counted on him stopping by, but I was happy that he did.

He brought me some presents.

Instead of the usual gift of chocolates (I have a weakness for dark chocolate), he brought me some new grooming apparel that he picked out himself.  I suppose that I shouldn’t have been surprised as we looked at some a couple of weeks ago while we were out on a “date”.  I could tell that he must have paid attention to what I was saying then, as he picked out the ones that I mentioned liking including this one:


The clothing was the perfect gift as I needed some new ones for work.  He is always so thoughtful – I wonder if he will ever have the guts to ask me out.


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