Real Estate

Checking on our Rental in Eagle Rock

IMG_0872A couple of years ago we were getting tired of investing in the area around our house.  It seemed like we were looking at the same houses for sale, crunching the same numbers and coming up with the same conclusions.

What we needed was change.

So we expanded our horizons and looked in the surrounding areas for potential investments.  We were more cautious as we were not as familiar with the locations, property values or what a typical property would rent for.  But as many things in our lives, we learned what we needed and finally made an offer on a property.

That was the house that we bought in Eagle Rock.

Now, years later, I’m driving out there to look at it for the first time in a long time.  This past week we had some windows replacement in Eagle Rock done for us as part of the maintenance schedule for the house and I waned to see it in person.  Honestly, it was an excuse to get out of town and out of the office, so I took it.

When I pulled up to the house, I couldn’t help but smile – the new windows looked great.  They should really help the house rent when we put it back on the market in a week.

I’m happy we did the window replacement – it was worth it.


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